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About Us

The Good Morning is a non-profit association founded in Cincinnati, Ohio, that promotes child welfare in disadvantaged areas of Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), West Africa. We fight against against child poverty and inequality in developing countries.


Health is defined as a state of total well-being - the harmonious and regular functioning of a human being. The future of all societies lies in children whose health should absolutely be insured. But can the current health system in the West African country of Côte d’Ivoire accomplish that goal?

The majority of health facilities in Africa face a major problem because they have little means for providing adequate care for children. In fact, avoidable and curable diseases continue to be the main causes for infant mortality.  In Côte d’Ivoire – West Africa – many children below age five die each year due to perfectly avoidable diseases. The needs in health care have changed and the majority of the facilities are not equipped to cope with all kinds of cases. Health care equipment is no longer adequate. It may be obsolete, or even inoperable, and can even be dangerous to sick children. Ordinary people living in rural areas cannot afford to visit health facilities that have modern equipment.

Côte d’Ivoire has a great need to improve its infrastructure for sick children. Therefore, we must act to help Côte d’Ivoire replace and maintain equipment, build new health facilities in places where they lack, and increase the number of ambulances so that children will receive the best care regardless of their social class. Mindful of the conditions in which indigent children in the Côte d’Ivoire live, the Good Morning, a non-profit association, organizes a charity drive each year in the Cincinnati area to collect medical equipment for the benefit of the under-equipped health centers in that country.  

Download our medical donation drive flyer by clicking here.


Education is a necessary learning process which allows a child to develop his/her personality and identity as well as his/her physical and intellectual capacities. In child education, school is important because it's where children go to learn. But, school is also as a tool for the development of a country because it contributes to the growth of its human capital.

In Africa, this tool is in disrepair due to the lack of adequate means and even sometimes archaic facilities which slows the learners' momentum. It is deplorable to learn that there are some localities which have only one school for a multitude of learners; some schools, finding themselves incapable of welcoming all the local children, are forced to reject some students. Imagine a classroom where there is no chalkboard, and even if there is one, it is in bad shape, and the teacher, eager to dispense knowledge to the children, is prevented from doing so. Let’s not forget also that the poorest children, who cannot afford to buy a pen and a notebook, are not in the position of going to school in such situations.

One must acknowledge that African children represent the future of the African continent and the world; therefore, it is all the more important that they receive a good education, which will benefit the whole world.


This is why The Good Morning, mindful of the education of the indigent children living in Côte d’Ivoire, organizes a donation drive each year in the Cincinnati area to collect some school supplies to redistribute to these children and give them the opportunity to go to school.

Download our educational donation drive flyer by clicking here


Play opens up a child’s mind, and it almost liberates him!

Play stimulates learning, cultivates the mind, promotes physical health and allows a child to be creative - regardless of the cultural, social and economic backgrounds in which he/she grew up. Just like sleeping, drinking and eating, playing is also important for a child. Some toys amuse a child, others enhance his/her curiosity - moreover, toys help children develop their movement, balance, strength, and precision. Unfortunately, not all children have this sensory experience from playing with toys because not every child has one.

In Africa, there are millions of children who have never received a toy from their parents due to poverty. These children grow up without blossoming and instead become close-minded adults who have no imagination and have difficulty connecting with other people. This is why The Good Morning, mindful of the health and living conditions of the indigent children in Côte d’Ivoire, organizes a donation drive each year in the Cincinnati area to collect toys to distribute to children as well as funds to build a playground.

Download our playground donation flyer by clicking here.

The Ideal Play Ground

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